Since arriving here more than 50 years ago, Tabard has kept its promise to stop insects bugging people in many different ways.

We’ve been told that when Tabard’s insect repellent stick made its first appearance in South Africa in the early 1960’s many people were quite taken with the idea that something so small and handy could help them avoid being bothered by bugs, or bitten by mosquitoes… It even worked for several hours at that.

And so it was, that thanks to our national love of braaivleis, rugby, sunny skies and the great outdoors, Tabard was soon a very firm South African favourite.


Prompted by their concern for the plight of our rhino population, Acorn Group, owners of the Tabard brand, annually donate large quantities of their products to help keep some 700 game rangers mosquito-free every summer.

Gail Downing, managing director of Acorn Group says she was informed by RAGE that rangers frequently use Tabard, mostly the aerosol spray, as it causes less discomfort when rangers are out in the field “where it’s sweltering hot and baths are few and far between”.

RAGE spokesman Any Rice says: “Often it’s the little things that people forget can make an immense difference to our rangers. Mosquitoes are a constant irritation in the bush and this donation assists in improving their daily lives. Thank you Tabard.”