Releases a natural vapour that repels mosquitoes and other flying insects

A variety of citronella based insect repellent candles in decorative and practical sizes

Indoor Protection

Tabard Citronella Candle


Long Lasting Protection

Tabard Citronella Candle


Outdoor Protection

Tabard Citronella Candle



Tabard Decorative Candle

Mood Enhancer

Tabard Tea-Light Candles 6’s

Value for Money

Tabard Tea-Light Candles 20’s

The natural insect repellent properties of citronella oil are well known – and the manufacturers of Tabard have incorporated this quality into a variety of decorative as well as practical candles, which remain the most successful top sellers in their category. Burned by day or night, indoors or outside, Tabard citronella candles release a natural vapour that repels mosquitoes and other flying insects. Tabard long burning citronella candles are available in re-sealable tins in three different sizes and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with the larger of the three providing up to 100 hours of relief.

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