Protection for long-lasting outdoor fun

Trusted by Families for over 50 years

Leaves No Oily Residue

Tabard Aerosol

150g and 60g

8 Hours Protection

Tabard Lotion

150ml and 50ml

Long Lasting Protection

Tabard Stick


NEW - Easy to Apply

Tabard Lotion


All  Tabard products are made in South Africa, in our pharmaceutical plant, under strictly controlled conditions. Tabard has been available since the 1960’s and the brand was acquired by Acorn Group in 1996. The active ingredient, known as DEET, remains one of the very few truly effective – and safe insect repellents in the world. That’s why Tabard has been trusted for many years, and remains in the choice of literally millions of people in South Africa and many other countries where it is sold.

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