For the control of flies, stable flies and mosquitoes on horses

Registered as a stock remedy with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF)

Clinically proven Protection

Tabard Equine Lotion


Also kills ticks and mosquitoes

Tabard Equine Fly Repellent


A wipe-on or Spray-on Repellent

Tabard Equine Fly Repellent


Developed in response to numerous requests by the equine community, Tabard Equine Lotion was approved by regulatory authorities in 2016 and registered as a stock remedy with the DAFF. DEET, the active ingredient in Tabard Equine Lotion remains the ‘gold standard’ amongst internationally proven substances that provide effective repellent protection against mosquitoes and most other insects. Quoted from the case study “Conducting Insect Challenge Repellency / Efficacy Trials” » DEET – GOLD STANDARD » LONG LASTING REPELLENCY » CLINICALLY PROVEN

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